Our Equipment

Inline Coke Crusher - Powerful and Tough

  • Unique design. Nearly maintenance-free. 100% reliable
  • From 1 m to 100 mm in one single step
  • Design features guarantee a long service life (25+ years)
  • No fines produced due to the special roller and tooth design
  • One independent hydraulic motor per roller that can start under full load
  • Configurable to customer requirements and challenging environmental conditions

Slurry Pump - Reliable and Gentle

  • Specifically designed for ECHO System
  • Low speed operation
  • Large free ball passage
  • No fines generation
  • Long cycle life
  • Frequency controlled e-motor

Control System - Efficient and Safe

  • Specifially designed and crucial for ECHO system
  • Redundant hardware and failsafe functionalities
  • Optimizes processes for increased efficiency
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Monitors equipment and processes for proactive maintenance
  • Communicates with existing refinery systems